Welcome to Thinking Behavior!

I’m interested in sharing and hearing about new ideas when it comes to helping and understanding our fellow human beings.  I hope you enjoy what I have to share and I hope you will contribute as well!

Here are some of my personal guidelines:

1.  Data Driven Methods – I practice from an evidence base.  That means I put more faith in practices, theories, ideas that have been tested using a scientific method.

2.  Alternative Methods – Just because I prefer evidence based practices doesn’t mean that alternative methods can’t help.  I’d love to hear new ideas despite if they sound crazy.

3.  Theory of Human Behavior – While my background is in Psychology some of the most influential interventions I have discovered have been in the fields of Sociology, Economics, Biology, Philosophy, Education and even Engineering.  Sharing ideas from different perspectives is important.

4.  Knowledge – Knowledge comes in many forms.  Share it!  Videos, pictures, memes, cartoons, quotes, music, animation, movies, books, podcasts, journals, articles, etc.


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